The H2GP Foundation provides accessible, affordable, and engaging educational programs aimed at training a new generation of leaders in hydrogen and sustainable energy. 


The Foundation is dedicated to:

  1. Providing students with a strong foundational understanding of renewable energy concepts through hands-on learning 

  2. Empowering today’s young minds and nurturing them into leaders, innovators, and future stewards of the environment 

  3. Creating academic and professional pathways for young people to participate in the emerging green economy  

  4. Bridging the renewable energy knowledge gap in underserved communities 

  5. Fostering sustainable development through community engagement in renewable energy sectors 



Nicola Weiss

Nicola Weiss

Executive Director

Nicola is an experienced educator with over 15 years of dedication to the field of STEM education. With a strong focus on critical thinking and problem-solving skills, she fosters intellectual growth and academic excellence among students. Nicola integrates advanced STEM learning tools into the curriculum, going beyond conventional resources, to provide a cutting-edge educational experience.

Ben Giordano

Ben Giordano

Director of Program Development (Europe)

Ben Giordano works to empower communities through education. Tasked with working with schools, universities, colleges, and industrial partners to bring the benefits of the H2GP Foundation’s STEM programs to even more communities worldwide, Ben has developed partnerships with key stakeholders in diverse communities ranging from Australia to the United States and the UK. He launched a new initiative tracking the impact of the program with a focus on promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM and filling the hydrogen skills gap. He is currently working on program expansion in the UK and Europe. Ben holds a BA from University College London and is currently completing his doctorate at the University of Southampton.

David S. Wu

David S. Wu

Board Member

David is widely recognized for his contributions in clean energy investments and advocacy for climate tech education. He is President and founder of Ascent Funds, a US energy transition fund well known for its early hydrogen investments. He is also Senior Advisor to the CEO Office at ALAT, a US$ 100 billion investment firm created by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund (PIF) to build an electronics manufacturing hub powered by clean energy.
David graduated from the University of Cambridge where he studied economics and management and is now based between Singapore, London and Riyadh.


Brian DeBruine


Brian DeBruine is a founder and the director of the non-profit Colorado Hydrogen Network, a hydrogen advocacy organization (www.colorado-hydrogen.org), and is also the host of the HydrogenNowCast podcast. Brian previously enjoyed a 36-year engineering career with Honeywell Aerospace where he developed avionics for military aircraft.

Faye McAnulla

Faye McAnulla


Faye McAnulla is the Programme Director for the Energy Research Accelerator, ERA, which is a £180m collaboration of 8 Midlands based research intensive universities and the British Geological Survey.  She is responsible for the day to day running of the partnership, liaising with the large number of industrial partners and academics involved, liaising with funding bodies and central government, managing the current research programme and developing future research programmes.




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