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The Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP) program empowers more than 20,000 students worldwide to be tomorrow's problem-solvers, to connect with the evolving automotive industry, and to begin mastering next-generation renewable energy technology. 

Our sponsors understand the necessity of investing in the education of future scientists, engineers and innovators who will be at the center of a more sustainable future. If your organization shares these goals, talk to us about becoming a Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix Partner today.


Our partners are businesses and organizations who seek to:

  • Introduce future employees to exciting careers in STEM fields.
  • Grow the next generation of tech-savvy workers in the community.
  • Increase brand awareness and association with philanthropic and educational causes.
  • Boost environmental and clean energy credentials.
  • Show support for local educational institutions.

>> This program is a perfect example of problem-based learning. The students were engaged and were so proud of their effort. The look of absolute joy on the parent's faces when they watched their children compete was well worth the time and effort. <<


>> We see great potential in supporting student teams from our region who want to improve their teamwork and problem-solving skills while developing their own hydrogen car. Both skills will be very useful in future practice. <<

Moravia Steel

>>An engineering program that develops students’ technical skills in an entertaining way is definitely worthy of our support<<


>> We believe that hydrogen technology deserves the attention of the general public. The best way is to start with young talent who might be not only be using but also developing these cars in the near future <<

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