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Unleash Innovation with the Fastest 1:20-scale Hydrogen Car in the World

The H2GP SPRINT program boosts education to the next level – allowing students to extend their renewable energy engineering skills with a lightning fast 1:20 scale SPRINT car. Students are free to experiment with 3D design – updating the gear-to-wheel ratio, car weight distribution, or even designing the entire chassis with digital modeling software. 


Students receive a fast, light, durable hydrogen-powered 1:20 scale car – but this is just the beginning. While the powertrain (motor and fuel cell) is standardized, students are free to experiment with simple modifications like gear-to-wheel ratio and weight distribution, or even more advanced modifications like upgrading the entire chassis using 3D modeling software. 

This unique process of iterative design change unleashes innovation, giving students the chance to learn from mistakes and continually grow while perfecting their own unique hydrogen car. 

H2GP SPRINT is an affordable, accessible way for teachers to demonstrate how hydrogen fuel cells work in action – but it’s also ideal for a variety of other STEAM education uses. Teachers can introduce students to the fundamentals of physics and chemistry, and show their class how these can be applied to an exciting, real-world project.  H2GP SPRINT is also an ideal way to develop technical drawing and 3D modeling skills, and introduce students to the principles of electrical engineering. 



Like all of Horizon Educational’s programs, H2GP SPRINT gives students hands-on experience across the entire hydrogen value chain. This includes production, storage and use. Each H2GP SPRINT kit contains a small PEM electrolyzer capable of generating pure hydrogen. As an add-on you can upgrade your classroom setup with Horizon Educational’s Hydrostiks and HydroFill or with the H2GP Sprint Refuelling Bundle. Available as an add-on, the H2GP SPRINT REFUELLING BUNDLE includes a Hydrofill along with 2 Hydrostiks and 2 Pressure Regulators.



H2GP SPRINT takes middle school students beyond what the introductory H2GP XPR program offers. Equipped with a powerful 3W PEM fuel cell, this lightweight hydrogen car can achieve lightning-fast track times, allowing students to show off the renewable energy skills they learned in the classroom.

A digital, cloud-based global leader board allows students to see how their renewable energy skills compare to their peers from around the world.  

Thanks to the lightweight, easily transportable on-demand 10m racetrack, action-packed hydrogen H2GP SPRINT races can take place anywhere – from a school classroom to a gym or a hallway. 

The car chassis can also perfectly integrate with Pinewood Derby® tracks, meaning hundreds of thousands of existing Cub Scouts can participate in an American tradition while learning about future energy technologies.

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