How to get to Hotel from airport?

We are securing transportation options to/from the airport. Uber and LYFT are highly recommended. Use the promo code MAX60940 on the LYFT application for $ 7.50 off your first 2 rides.

How to get to airport from hotel?

We are securing transportation options to/from the airport. Uber and LYFT are highly recommended. Use the promo code MAX60940 on the LYFT application for $ 7.50 off your first 2 rides.

How do I get around Las Vegas?

Like many U.S. cities, Las Vegas isn’t super walkable. Not only that, but the legendary Las Vegas Strip is famous for appearing like all the hotels are really close together. The reality is that these properties are huge and far away from each other. You might think you can easily walk from one end of the Strip to the other in a short period of time, but the Strip’s many escalators, walkways and bridges make it a bit more difficult. Not to mention that in the summertime, it’s too hot to walk that far! We recommend UBER/Lyft, Bus or Monorail.

How do I get to the race?

The race is taking place at the RE+ Expo inside the Venetian Convention Center. You can walk to the Venetian Hotel from Circus Circus in about 10 minutes. Once inside the Hotel follow the signs for Convention Center. Plan 20 minutes of walking time.

What is the daily schedule?

Coming soon!

Are hydrostiks provided?

All teams will be required to use the provided Raven SR powered Hydrostiks. Data sheets including volume and weight of hydrostiks can be provided upon request the day of the race.

Will I receive an H2GP Shirt?

Yes! All students and 1 coach will receive an official H2GP World Final Shirt

Am I required to wear my H2GP Shirt?

All members will be required to wear the provided shirt for the photo session. During the race you can wear the provided shirt or something representing your team. No profanity, inappropriate apparel will be allowed. You team uniform can reflect your school, team, country, team sponsors, or Horizon Educational.

Will tools be provided?

Yes, tools such as drills, wrenches, battery charges, and air compressors will be provided.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes the venue has public Wi-Fi for you to use.

Can I see the rest of the Expo?

Yes, there will be opportunities for teams to explore as a group rest of the expo. All team members must stay together and be accompanied by a chaperone.

Will extra excursions be planned?

Extra excursions can be planned on your own time. We can provide suggestions if you are interested.

Do I need a sim card?

We recommend if you need data to make international calls a local sim card can be helpful. We recommend an E-sim without a contract. Mint Mobile and Google-Fi have "pay as you go" plans and can be cancelled without fees

What are practices like?

On Monday September 11th. Each team will approximately 1 hour to warm up on the track.

How do I qualify for the main event?

On Tuesday September 12th, there will be 2 qualifier sessions. 1 Morning and 1 afternoon. Each time will have 1 chance to compete in a 2 hour race. The top 5 teams from each race will automatically qualify to the main event. Additional qualifiers will be available and announced closer to the race.

What if I do not qualify for the main event?

Teams that do not qualify to the Wednesday race will have a second chance race on Thursday September 14th.

How much money should I plan to spend?

Your daily budget is up to you. We recommend between $ 50 - $ 100 a day for food.

My parents want to attend, can they?

Yes spectators are encouraged! Please contact your coach for registration information.

Can a Second Chaperone attend the Expo

Yes! Please contact your coach for registration information.

Are cell phones allowed during the race?

Yes you can communicate according to the rule book.

Charging batteries? How can we get them charged between the multiple session.

We will have battery chargers available for before and after the race. We recommend bringing extra chargers as only a limited amount will be available.

Can we get a letter with the invite and race info so we can use it at the Airport (Germany)

Yes! Please email [obfuscate_1_|71|41|63|71|55|103|102|106|96|113|110|101|93|91|108|98|88|108|96|102|109|88|100|37|90|110|100] and provide us with your full name.

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