H2GP Scottish Final

H2GP Scotland

Earlier this month 12 H2GP teams took part in the first-ever Scottish H2GP Final, putting into action the renewable energy engineering skills they learned over the 6 month H2GP program.

“Securing Scotland’s energy future starts with investing in skills through hands-on education programs like the H2GP” said Ben Giordano, Director of Program Development for the Hydrogen Grand Prix (H2GP).

“Last week's pilot Scottish event saw enthusiasm, ingenuity and innovative thinking skills that will prove vital to the future hydrogen and energy economy, and we were particularly proud of the program’s work in widening participation and opening up pathways to STEM careers”

The H2GP would like to thank Fife College and HyDEX for supporting the introduction of hydrogen education programs in Fife. The partnership has been crucial in nurturing the next generation of clean energy designers, engineers and leaders.

Full results can be found below:

H2GP Scottish Final


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