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Horizon Educational calls Earth's young engineers to design and race HYDROGEN-POWERED RC cars.

The semester-long H2GP program empowers students to be the problem-solvers of tomorrow, connect with the Earth's automotive industry, and gear it up with renewable energy technology. 

The growing demand for energy in end era of manmade climate change may ultimately be the greatest challenge of the 21st century. We need the creativity, ingenuity and critical thinking skills of the generation coming of age today now more than ever. The Horizon Hydrogen Grand Prix is a comprehensive science and engineering program that gives students from all over the world the opportunity to apply their talents as they learn about environmental sustainability, renewable energy and alternative fuels, through variety of science experiments and curricular materials.

Design. Build. Race!

Students must apply a wide range of foundational knowledge acquired in the first part of the program throughout the competition. Their task is to design, engineer and build their own fuel cell-powered RC car and test it during a 4-hour race. From the earliest conceptual stages to maintaining and repairing their car during the race, students are in control of every step of the process, enabling truly immersive experience that captures the rigor and excitement of real-world science and engineering endeavors. 

In addition to learning to work together to complete a complex, long-term engineering project, students are exposed to many different technologies related to renewable energy through lab activities and reading materials. Pre- and post-event studies allow for comparison of student and teacher experiences and the ability to measure the impact and overall wffects of the H2GP experience. Our studies show that students who complete the H2GP are more likely to attend college, major in STEAM fields and pursue relevant careers in new and booming sectors.




Buy equipment

STEAM-based equipment that - along with the curriculum — provide unique tools for learning environmental sustainability, renewable energy and alternative fuels. A variety of experiments and curricular materials turn building into hands-on learning.

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Over the course of our program, students will work collaboratively to bring their car from the design stages through prototyping and manufacture, while they engage with chemistry, physics, engineering, and math problems along the way.

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From the earliest conceptual stages to maintaining and repairing their car during a race, students are in control at every stage, enabling a truly immersive experience that captures the rigor and excitement of real-world science and engineering endeavors.

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We know that H2GP is effective because we measure it’s impact through data gathered from students and teachers who have competed in the program. Pre- and post- program data from students track their awareness of key concepts and their reactions to the program activities. Post-surveys of teachers determine overall satisfaction and suggestions for improvement.

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