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Race to Success


Action-packed hydrogen H2GP SPRINT races can take place anywhere – a school classroom, gym, or hallway – thanks to the lightweight, easily transportable 10m/32ft racetrack. 

Once your students build their first hydrogen cars, they’re free to spend endless hours racing and competing with their classmates. Teachers in our program were amazed by the energy and enthusiasm hydrogen racing brought to their classroom.  

After kids have had enough of open-ended racing, you can use the extension course from our curriculum to transform racing into a structured learning process. Students learn about the entire engineering lifecycle from prototype to implementation, mastering subjects like trigonometry, graph theory and data science. 

The extension course uses racing as a tool for kids to gather real-time data on their quest to optimize the performance of their car and outcompete their classmates. They alter things like weight distribution, lubricants, and axel material to discover what refinements work best in supercharging the performance of their car. 

After students have mastered refining their car, they can take their creativity and design skills to the next level. This means designing a completely new car chassis by utilizing Computer-Aided Design (CAD) or creating their own distinctive car body. 

This process of iterative design change motivates students even further, exploring the endless possibilities that come with H2GP Sprint. 


H2GP SPRINT Practice Track (RESK-03-PT)

Our lightweight, on-demand 10m practice track allows you to race Sprint cars virtually anywhere – a school gym, a classroom tabletop or even down the hallway. 


The H2GP SPRINT Global Competition is Coming Soon 


Available now as a limited offer, the H2GP Sprint Launch Bundle includes 2 x H2GP Sprint Classroom Packs (12 hydrogen cars), with 2 x Practice Tracks added on free of charge. This means up to 24 students can explore the exciting world of hydrogen racing with their own dedicated practice tracks.

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