RWE European H2GP Championship

The first-ever RWE European H2GP Championship was held earlier this month. The event, held at Alfa-college in Groningen, Netherlands, brought together 12 top H2GP teams from six countries across Europe to compete for first ever H2GP European championship.

Ostrov Team from Slovakia claimed first place with an outstanding display of engineering and teamwork. They were closely followed by Kysucki Strojnici, also from Slovakia, and Pink Hawk from the Czech Republic, who took third place. The competition was intense, with all teams showcasing their remarkable skills and innovative designs.

“It was a fantastic event that highlighted the best of what H2GP has to offer,” said Jelmer Flierman, the Dutch race manager. “The students demonstrated incredible ingenuity and sportsmanship. It was a pleasure to see such high levels of engagement and collaboration.”

The Hydrogen Grand Prix would like to thank the event sponsors including RWE, Gemeente Groningen, Hive. Mobility, NorthC Datacenters, INDI, Alfa-college, Noorderpoort, Entrance, Hanzehogeschool, and HobbyTime B.V. Their support has been instrumental in making the event a reality.

Full results can be found below:

RWE H2GP European race


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